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Specification Alu

Aluminium joinery makes it possible to create window and door systems available in a wide representation of particular models. The selection of systems depends on the scope of use and detailed requirements regarding functionality, thermal insulation, aesthetics, anti-burglar class, smoke tightness or fire resistance. They include solutions based on thermally insulated profiles (MB-60, MB-70, MB-59S, Spectral 60), aluminium structures without thermal insulation for building internal partitions: MB-45, Spectral 45, and specialist fire partitions MB-78EI. Our aluminium joinery is complemented with the MB-23P system for balcony designs.

MB systems allow not only to make aluminium structures providing the most common opening methods: tilt and turn, tilt and slide, but also MB-59S Casement windows that open outwards, "Pivot" pivoting windows or roof windows for roof glazing, skylights or winter gardens. We have prepared a whole range of economical solutions for buyers who equally appreciate high quality as well as low prices: MB-45S and MB-59SE. Our aluminium joinery includes the whole range of modern and attractive products. Please join the circle of our satisfied customers.

Specification PVC

The newest generation of windows is entering the market. These windows enable to create joinery structures with even more excellent functional properties and more modern technology.
Among many manufacturers available in the market, only Veka offers untypical, energy-efficient windows exclusively, which conform to PN-EN 12608 in the highest "A*" class. Their external walls are 3mm thick, and the minimum width of internal chambers is 5mm. These key parameters provide the users with the protection against cold and noise, and ensure that the windows themselves are durable and stable. Aluminium or plastic windows of the „B” or „C” class are not characterised by such high resistance to damage so there is a risk of, for example, cracks occurring in the corners.

Finished aluminium or plastic windows do not provide the possibility to check the class of a profile used for their production. Only Veka windows guarantee the "A*" class, because Veka does not manufacture windows of a lower class.

Plastic A* class windows by Veka stand out from the competitors because of their 3mm thick internal walls and internal chambers which are over 5mm wide. It is necessary to use as much as 10% more of PVC for their production than for the production of B class windows. These parameters allow to achieve the following functional features:

  • Low susceptibility to damage. Thanks to their thick walls, class A* Veka windows provide strong bonding of window corners, which prevents cracking in welding seams. The durability of corners made with these profiles is much higher than in case of the B and C classes.
  • High stability. Veka windows are non-standard, with the increased stability of frames and sashes against various deformations, particularly in large-sized profiles. The resistance to the tearing out of screws used for mounting the fittings increases by 20% in comparison with the B class.
  • Excellent resistance to temperature changes. This feature is extremely important in our changing climate, where we experience large daily temperature changes. In early spring, temperatures at night are below zero, for example -2°C, and 16°C during a sunny day. A window must do an enormous job during these few hours, taking in such a large dose of energy in such a short time. The profile expands and the opposite happens in the evening. The window cools down and quickly contracts. These processes cause high tensions, particularly in the corners of windows. Thanks to their thick walls, energy-efficient Veka windows ensure excellent statics and strong bonding of window corners, without the risk of cracking.
  • Excellent acoustic insulation parameters. Veka windows are also energy-efficient, ensuring higher thermal and acoustic comfort. They effectively suppress noise coming from the outside and prevent the escape of heat from the inside.

You will find both traditionally-sized windows as well as untypical ones in the extensive offer of Veka window profiles. Welcome!

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