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Specification MB 70

Window and Door System with Thermal Insulation

MB-70 is a modern aluminium system used to execute the elements of architectural external structures which require thermal and acoustic insulation, e.g. various types of windows, doors, entrance enclosures, cabinets, spatial structures.

The system sections have a three-chamber structure. The structural depth of the windows’ sections is: 70 mm (frame), 79 mm (wing) and doors respectively 70 mm and 70 mm. The assumed depths of sections of the wing and frame give the effect of one plane from the external side after closure – in the case of window and the effect of facing surfaces of wings and the frame – in the case of doors. The sections’ shape allows to obtain slender and durable structures of windows and doors.

MB-70 system is characterised by the sensationally low value of heat penetration rate U owing to the use of special thermal breaks and seals. This is very significant considering the growing requirements connected with energy management and environmental protection. Uf index for the system’s structure MB-70 amounts from 1.5 to 2.39 W/m2K, depending on the used sections and accessories. Formed thermal breaks in the shape of omega with the width of 34 (windows) and 24 (doors) mm, made of polyamide reinforced with the glass fibre, were used in the system. The offered shape of breaks increases the sections’ rigidity compared to flat breaks and makes it easier to dehydrate the sections, thus ensuring their proper thermal insulation under any atmospheric conditions. Thermal breaks used in the windows also have the sealing at the interface of the section and break as well as ridges dividing the chamber between internal and external aluminium sections into three parts.
Tightness is ensured owing to the use of special seals made of two-component EPDM synthetic rubber: solid and cellular rubber, which guarantees ageing resistance during many years of use as well as very good thermal insulation. MB-70 is the first system in which this type of material was used for the central seal.

The system allows to use window panel sets with the thickness from 21 mm to 57 mm in the window wings and from 12 mm to 48 mm in fixed windows and door wings. Such wide scope of filling thickness guarantees the possibility to use all standard and non-standard window panels.

Great selection of colours in the standard range can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Colour coats are executed with the powder varnishing method or anodizing.

MB-70 system is the basis for solutions with an increased thermal insulation: MB-70 HI, MB-70US HI and cold-warm façade on the basis of windows MB-70CW HI.

Specification MB 86

Window and Door System with Thermal Insulation

MB-86 window and door system is a product with very good parameters, offering the possibility to satisfy diverse needs of the users. The structure of its sections has 3 execution variants, depending on the requirements connected with savings of thermal energy: ST, SI and AERO. MB-86 is the first system of aluminium windows and doors in the world which uses aerogel – material with perfect thermal insulation. The advantages of MB-86 system include high durability of the sections enabling to execute the structures with big size and weight. 

Features which influence the functionality and aesthetics of structures executed in MB-86 system:

  • wide thermal breaks with a new shape, allowing to use the additional partition in the section insulation zone;
  • two-component central seal which perfectly seals and thermally insulates the space between the wing and the frame;
  • wide range of sections which guarantees the required aesthetics and durability of the structure;
  • strips for glazing with the additional sealing, available in three variants: Standard, Prestige and Style;
  • section shapes adapted to installation of various types of multi-point locking fittings as well as concealed hinges;
  • wide range of glazing allowing to use all the encountered pane types, including two-chamber, acoustic and anti-burglary panes;
  • dehydration of sections available in two variants: traditional and concealed.
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